Mission of the Office of the Child Advocate

The mission of the Office of the Child Advocate is to lift up children by promoting equitable and effective reforms that meet the best interests of all New Hampshire children and strengthen public confidence and accountability in the State’s systems that support children and families.

Our Vision for New Hampshire's Children:

  • All children thrive in a safe, stable, healthy, and loving home; and have equitable access to education, health care, and other community resources
  • All families have the support they need so their children flourish
  • Services for children are accessible, integrated, evidence-based, appropriately resourced, high quality, and supported by well trained, trauma-informed, developmentally sensitive staff
  • There is a robust array of prevention resources that support children and families at home and in their communities, and at younger ages and earlier stages of need
  • State child-serving agencies are coordinated and connected in their work
  • Elected officials understand the needs of children and families and put the best interests of children first

How we can help

  • Listen to all concerns about children’s services
  • Respond to complaints with a credible review process
  • Respect the importance of every person in a child's life
  • Build collaborative relationships for reform
  • Promote practices that are proven to be effective to help children and families
  • Maintain independence and impartiality in all aspects of our oversight

The Office of the Child Advocate is not an emergency service and does not investigate abuse or neglect, and has no jurisdiction over the court system.

Pursuant to NH RSA 169-C:29, any person having reason to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected shall report those concerns to DCYF. You may also contact local law enforcement and request a "well child check" of a child.

If you are struggling, you are not alone. Resources are avaliable 24/7/365